Tyler Perry and Stereotypes

I watched “Diary of Mad Black Woman” today and I could not help but notice all of the stereotypes present.  This is the first Tyler Perry movie I have ever seen so I did a little research and found that there is a lot of discussion about his films being stereotypical.  There were both racial stereotypes as well as sexist.  The woman was not happy in her marriage, but when her husband kicked her out, she literally said “What am I supposed to do without you”, hinting towards financial reasons.  She didn’t have a job, while he was sitting there all rich and pretty.
The racial stereotypes were also prevalent throughout the film including fried chicken after church, the highly spirited church choir, and all the black people in court.  The main factor is Madeas as a mammy-like character.  All of these movies are directed by a black man, but what if these same movies were directed by a white man, or a female?  Would these movies still make as much money?  Would people be more offended? For more information, read this.


One comment on “Tyler Perry and Stereotypes

  1. You’re post goes along with everything that has been discussed in my Interracial Communication class- In my opinion, if someone else was to direct such movies, they wouldn’t make any money- because they would not exist. For someone else, such as a Caucasian man or female to direct such a movie it would be considered offensive, because of the crudeness and the stereotyping. But on the other hand, we can look at George Lucas and his film “Red Tails”-about the Tuskegee airmen, legendary black aviators of WWII – a movie pretty much Hollywood didn’t want…racial reasons? I wouldn’t put it past Hollywood…


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