Social Media Polls

While on Pinterest today, I came across a few social media posters that were interesting.

This is an interesting poster because it shows what people think about Social Media privacy settings.

I thought it was a little ironic that more people say they have less control over their personal information today, compared to five years ago, but only 28% of people say they consider privacy is more important now.  Even though many people don’t trust social media sites, so many still use them and do not attempt to understand the privacy settings.  Why do you think this is?

This poster is about Pinterest specifically and the difference between users in the U.S. and the U.K.

What do you think it means that the users in the U.K. are wealthier than in the U.S.? Does this rely on that they are mostly male users and look at more business related information on the site?

What do you use Pinterest for?  I use it for just about everything listed on the U.S. list and am a female….


2 comments on “Social Media Polls

  1. Well, I’m no expert here, but I was wondering why the unit of this comparison is U.S. dollars? It seems somewhat unfair since the currency change is around 0.6 (1 US dollar=0.62 British Sterling). Also, the commodity price might be somewhat different between the two countries. I would say using Purchasing Power is a better standard~

    • I agree, I didn’t look up the source of the information so I don’t know exactly how they compared these. It would be interesting to know the comparison using Purchasing Power.

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