Pin, Pin, Pinning Education


Teachers seem to be using social media more and more in their lectures for college classes.  In my undergrad, we did not use social media.  Now, being in graduate school, we use social media in almost every class, however, I am sure I have a skewed view since I am in a communications program.  (One of my classes is, in fact, titled Social Media!)

Pinterest is a place to share ideas.  Teachers can find many tips and ideas, but can Pinterest also be used DURING class?  Some teachers are finding ways to do this.

In my social media class, my group presented  the book “Groundswell” using Pinterest.  Although I unfortunately had to miss the actual presentation, I know we had fun creating pinboards to use during our presentation. I think the class may have enjoyed the use of Pinterest because it is different than just standing there giving a lecture and even different than just using powerpoint.

A professor in Minnesota uses Pintereset in her basic graphics class. They aren’t necessarily graded on their use of the site, but they are able to put their ideas that they draw inspiration from for projects in the class.  They are also able to connect with the professor to see the types of things she likes as well.  Read more here.

For classes in communications, arts, and education Pinterest is a great way for students to connect with each other and save information.  Almost any type of subject can use Pinterest in an educating way for students to learn new information and share with others as well.

Pinterest could be a next great teaching tool!