Hiring Policies

Personal social media sites have brought with them the issue of whether or not a company should take those sites into consideration when hiring.  My fiancé went on a business trip to Arizona recently.  The associates at the office there took him out afterwards for dinner and drinks.  Included in this group was the HR woman.  She told Matt, my fiancé, about a tough decision she had made earlier in the week.
There were two potential employees she interviewed who were both well qualified.  She thought the woman would make a better fit for the company because of her past experiences and her personality.  The man she interviewed had similar experiences but just did not click with the HR woman.  However, the HR woman looked for their Facebook pages.  She found the man’s and searched through all of his information and found no pictures with alcohol or partying.  The woman’s Facebook was private, but she found her boyfriend’s Facebook was not.  So, the HR woman went through the applicant’s boyfriend’s Facebook to look at pictures!!! What she found was not really all that terrible according to Matt.  She saw pictures of the woman drinking on the beach.
So, the HR woman did not like seeing those pictures.  Even though she thought the woman would be the better fit for the company, she chose the man.  She told Matt that if it weren’t for the Facebook pages, she would have chosen the woman.
No, I didn’t get to see the pictures…..
Moral of the story is no matter whether you think it is right or wrong, your Facebook profile (or any other social media) can affect whether you are unemployed or not!
Some companies may require applicants to friend them on Facebook.  I am not quite sure whether I agree with this or not.  I do think that it shows the person’s true colors better, but it doesn’t mean that their personal and work life is one in the same.  At my last job there were certain people that I friended on Facebook and some that I chose not to, including my boss.  I wish I would have asked if they saw my facebook before they hired me out of curiosity.
However, I recently read an article about how some companies want someone’s password to their social media sites before they hire them! I definitely don’t agree with this! Read more here.
Do you think companies should look at your social media sites before they hire you?  Does it make a difference if your sites a private or public? (I think it is definitely ok for a company to look at your Facebook if it is public…..but what about how the HR woman in Arizona looked at her boyfriend’s pictures?) What are your opinions about companies asking for passwords?

The Hunger Games on Social Media

I am not afraid to say I LOVE the hunger games trilogy! The books were SO incredibly good and yes, I already bought my ticket for the movie.  Granted I am not going to the midnight premier, but I am going the next day to see it at an IMAX theater.  I am super excited!!!

I bought the tickets through the official Hunger Games Facebook page.  This led me to other social media about the Hunger Games. (Just to clarify, I was just looking at all of this because I thought it was interesting….I do love the books and want to see the movie, however I will not be walking around with a t-shirt with the main characters’ faces on them….)

First of all, their Facebook presence is massive.  There is a Facebook page for the book trilogy, the movie, as well as 13 other pages for each district in Panem (the apocalyptic future United States).

The movie page has over 2.3 million “likes”.

District 12 (the one the main characters are from) – 69,000 “likes”

The Capital – 98,000 “likes”

All the rest have between 27,500 and 33,700 “likes”

That is a whole lot of people that Facebook is reaching (knowing many people “like” more than one, or even all, the pages).  The pages are very interactive, with real people as mayors.  You can also get your own ID card. Here’s mine: (haha)

They also teamed up with the World Food Programme and Feeding America with a tab to donate through the Facebook page, which is a wonderful idea.

Not only are there so many things to look at/do/read on the Facebook pages, they also are utilizing Twitter to get fans excited.  Recently, they have been getting fans to tweet using a hash tag specific to their city (#hungergames24atl) in order to determine where advanced screenings will be held.  The four cities with the most tweets will have the screenings.  As soon as those locations are determined, they will have contests for people to win tickets to them.  (No I did not tweet about it, but I will definitely try to win tickets if Atlanta is chosen!)

There are also iPad and iPhone games coming soon (which I don’t have, so unfortunately I won’t be able to play them).

There are still so many other outlets I have yet to discuss (like Fan of the Week, Capitol Couture, and polls) but I think this got the point across.

I applaud the use of social media to encourage excitement for the movie coming out in March.  Are there other, recent movies that have garnered this much (or more) attention on social media?

Social Media Polls

While on Pinterest today, I came across a few social media posters that were interesting.

This is an interesting poster because it shows what people think about Social Media privacy settings.

I thought it was a little ironic that more people say they have less control over their personal information today, compared to five years ago, but only 28% of people say they consider privacy is more important now.  Even though many people don’t trust social media sites, so many still use them and do not attempt to understand the privacy settings.  Why do you think this is?

This poster is about Pinterest specifically and the difference between users in the U.S. and the U.K.

What do you think it means that the users in the U.K. are wealthier than in the U.S.? Does this rely on that they are mostly male users and look at more business related information on the site?

What do you use Pinterest for?  I use it for just about everything listed on the U.S. list and am a female….