The Hunger Games on Social Media

I am not afraid to say I LOVE the hunger games trilogy! The books were SO incredibly good and yes, I already bought my ticket for the movie.  Granted I am not going to the midnight premier, but I am going the next day to see it at an IMAX theater.  I am super excited!!!

I bought the tickets through the official Hunger Games Facebook page.  This led me to other social media about the Hunger Games. (Just to clarify, I was just looking at all of this because I thought it was interesting….I do love the books and want to see the movie, however I will not be walking around with a t-shirt with the main characters’ faces on them….)

First of all, their Facebook presence is massive.  There is a Facebook page for the book trilogy, the movie, as well as 13 other pages for each district in Panem (the apocalyptic future United States).

The movie page has over 2.3 million “likes”.

District 12 (the one the main characters are from) – 69,000 “likes”

The Capital – 98,000 “likes”

All the rest have between 27,500 and 33,700 “likes”

That is a whole lot of people that Facebook is reaching (knowing many people “like” more than one, or even all, the pages).  The pages are very interactive, with real people as mayors.  You can also get your own ID card. Here’s mine: (haha)

They also teamed up with the World Food Programme and Feeding America with a tab to donate through the Facebook page, which is a wonderful idea.

Not only are there so many things to look at/do/read on the Facebook pages, they also are utilizing Twitter to get fans excited.  Recently, they have been getting fans to tweet using a hash tag specific to their city (#hungergames24atl) in order to determine where advanced screenings will be held.  The four cities with the most tweets will have the screenings.  As soon as those locations are determined, they will have contests for people to win tickets to them.  (No I did not tweet about it, but I will definitely try to win tickets if Atlanta is chosen!)

There are also iPad and iPhone games coming soon (which I don’t have, so unfortunately I won’t be able to play them).

There are still so many other outlets I have yet to discuss (like Fan of the Week, Capitol Couture, and polls) but I think this got the point across.

I applaud the use of social media to encourage excitement for the movie coming out in March.  Are there other, recent movies that have garnered this much (or more) attention on social media?