“The Buried Life” helps to #SaveRichard

Social media can be a great way to rally around a good cause.  It can be on a huge scale like the Kony 2012 campaign or even down to one individual person.  Richard Bland, who I do not know personally, is a student at Kennesaw State University who has a failing kidney.  He is in dire need of a kidney transplant but has a rare blood type.  His friends at KSU have rallied behind him and have gotten a lot of attention through social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

They created the #SaveRichard hash tag on Twitter and also started a Facebook page.  With so many people tweeting and writing on Facebook, it wasn’t long until it blew up on these social media outlets.  It wasn’t long until traditional media outlets begin talking about him as well.  Check out this article.

They began tweeting the cast from “The Buried Life”, a show on MTV.  The cast actually went to KSU earlier this week and had a rally for Richard.  They are trying to raise awareness in hopes that someone with his rare blood type will do a live transplant.  The cast of “The Buried Life” also started donations for Richard.  It is amazing how people really listen and the cast really understood how important it was for them to be at KSU to support Richard.

It is really neat how one individual can get so much support through social media.  Let’s hope Richard can find a generous and loving person who will give him their kidney!

You can email saverichardnow@yahoo.com if you would like to donate a kidney to Richard or for more information.

You should also tweet about it using the hash tag #SaveRichard!!!

Here is a picture of Richard with the cast.