Questioning the Kony 2012 Campaign

So, I am just going to do it….and post about Kony 2012.  I will say though, I am probably not the best one to be posting about it, because I don’t know too much.

I watched the video that has been incessantly posted on Facebook by my friends. If you haven’t watched it, if you want, take the 30 minutes to watch it here now. I was definitely getting annoyed by how many people kept posting about it on Facebook….just about every few posts…..someone was talking about Kony 2012.

After pushing it aside a hundred times, I finally took the half hour to watch it.  Then….I did some research and found that there are a lot of people for this and against as well.  On my Facebook, there are more people who post in favor of, however there have been a few against.  The reason is because the organization behind it is Invisible Children and there are people questioning their finances.  Every organization cannot spend 100% of donations to a cause because they need money going back in support of the organization itself.  Check out this article that really questions where the organization’s finances are going.

Once again, I am putting it out there that I don’t know that much information about this.  What I really want to know is how you feel about this whole Kony 2012 campaign. Clearly I know you will want the LRA to end…..but I want to know your opinion on Invisible Children and their involvement including the documentary.  Give me your knowledge J