Fans of Chris Brown Tweet About Domestic Violence

So, we all know Twitter goes crazy during important events like the Super Bowl and the Grammys.  This year, during the Super Bowl, many people tweeted about Madonna’s performance and M.I.A.’s unnecessary gesture.  This year during the Grammys, there were 2.1 million tweets using the hashtag #GRAMMYs.  At the peak, the hashtag was used up to 18,000 times per minute! Check out this interactive map of who was talked about and when!


While Adele was tweeted about the most (340,000 tweets), Chris Brown was not too far behind with 152,000 tweets.  While some people were tweeting about how awful he is for beating up his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, there were actually many girls tweeting about how they would love for Chris Brown to beat them up any day! I thought this was crazy! I don’t understand what these girls are thinking when they are basically saying domestic violence is ok.  The message they are giving to their followers is that they think it is ok for men to beat up women and this could be potentially dangerous for them personally.  Men that know these girls and follow them on Twitter might think it is ok to hurt them.

Here are some of the tweets:

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Even though some of these women may have been “joking”, they need to understand the message they are sending is wrong.